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About us

We're on a quest for the ultimate Tesla experience.

Experience Tesla Luxury.
Driving Elegance.
Unleashing Tesla's Potential.
Experience Tesla Luxury.
Driving Elegance.
Unleashing Tesla's Potential.
Experience Tesla Luxury.
Driving Elegance.
Unleashing Tesla's Potential.
Since 2019

We give Tesla owners the opportunity to stand out in a world of sameness.

Motivated by a relentless commitment to functional design and a profound admiration for Tesla's minimalist aesthetic, Hills engineers meticulously develop accessories that seamlessly integrate into specific the Tesla Model 3 & Tesla Model Y. Each accessory is painstakingly handcrafted, utilizing premium, natural materials, all in our pursuit of creating a truly distinctive Tesla experience.

tesla wood interior production process

At Hills, we breathe life into our passion for Tesla by creating high-end accessories and upgrades specifically tailored for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Our focus on these specific models ensures a perfect fit and seamless integration, enhancing your Tesla experience.

We believe in the power of quality. Our products, from our real wood collection to our premium floor mats/liners, are crafted from the finest materials, offering a timeless aesthetic and durable protection for your Tesla interiors.

man driving a tesla with wood trim

Stand out in a world of sameness. Hills provides you the opportunity to personalize your Tesla with stylish aftermarket accessories, allowing you to showcase your unique style while enjoying the luxury and elegance of our products.

Our approach

We share the same drive regardless of where we are headed, but no matter where the journey takes us, the true quest always lies within.

Deep down, we're all human, and our unique quality lies in our ability to express our creativity. Hills is dedicated to empowering individuals to tell their own stories and embrace their personal style. Through our high-quality Model 3 & Model Y accessories, we enhance the Tesla experience and ignite a passion for innovation and excellence.

Our Story

shared passion

“I was fortunate to find my passion at a very young age — to imagine, design, and create brands that unite art with function. It’s not about fashion. It’s about personal expression.”

– Mehdi Izemmour, Founder

Environmental commitment

It’s a long drive, but our planet is worth it.

We believe that in fueling mankind, our earth, and our economy, we can create change through personal expression. A passion for functional design and an appreciation for the minimalist Tesla aesthetic.

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