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Floor Mats and Tesla: Do They Come Included?

When you become the proud owner of a Tesla vehicle, you're not just getting an innovative electric car; you're also gaining access to a world of cutting-edge features and accessories. But amidst the excitement of owning a Tesla, you may wonder, "Do Tesla vehicles come with floor mats?" In this article, we'll provide you with all the information you need about Tesla's floor mats and interior accessories.

Tesla's Approach to Interior Accessories

Tesla, known for its attention to detail and commitment to providing a top-notch driving experience, offers a range of interior accessories designed to enhance comfort, aesthetics, and functionality. These accessories include floor mats, seat covers, storage solutions, and more. However, whether or not your Tesla comes with floor mats as standard equipment can vary depending on the model and trim level.

Floor Mats and Tesla Models

The inclusion of floor mats in a Tesla vehicle often depends on the specific model and trim package you choose. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

Tesla Model 3:

For the Tesla Model 3, floor mats are typically not included as standard equipment. However, they are available as optional accessories, allowing you to customize your interior with all-weather, carpeted, or premium mats to suit your preferences.

Tesla Model S and Model X:

In the past, Tesla included floor mats as standard equipment in the Model S and Model X. However, this can vary by model year and region, so it's essential to check the specifications of the specific vehicle you're interested in purchasing.

Tesla Model Y:

Similar to the Model 3, floor mats are typically not included as standard equipment for the Model Y. You can select from various floor mat options when configuring your Model Y to make sure your interior is protected and stylish.

Why Consider Tesla Floor Mats?

Investing in Tesla floor mats is a wise choice for several reasons:


Tesla floor mats are designed to fit your vehicle's interior perfectly, providing an added layer of protection against dirt, spills, and wear and tear. They help preserve the cleanliness and condition of your Tesla's floors.


Tesla's floor mats are not just functional; they are also aesthetically pleasing. You can choose from a variety of designs and materials to complement your vehicle's interior and create a custom look.

Easy Maintenance:

Tesla floor mats are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your interior continues to look its best throughout your ownership experience.

Where to Find Tesla Floor Mats

If your Tesla didn't come with floor mats or if you want to upgrade or replace your current mats, you're in luck. HillsMade offers a wide range of high-quality Tesla floor mats and interior accessories designed to enhance your driving experience and protect your vehicle's interior.

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Floor Mats:

Explore Hills' dedicated collection of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Floor Mats to find the perfect mats and liners for your vehicle. Whether you're looking for all-weather mats to handle the toughest conditions or premium carpeted mats to add a touch of luxury, you'll find a variety of options to suit your needs and style.

More Tesla Accessories:

In addition to floor mats, we offers a wide selection of Tesla accessories to customize and enhance your Tesla driving experience further. From interior covers to storage solutions, explore the full range of accessories to make your Tesla uniquely yours.

Hills is a trusted source for Tesla enthusiasts, providing top-quality accessories designed to complement your Tesla's interior while ensuring durability and easy maintenance.

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